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Case Studies - Are you listening?

Posted in: by Stephen Buckley on 24 January 2018. Tagged with: ISDN, recording studio, remote recording, skype recording, Source Connect, voice over, Voiceover

The Samaritans- Voiceover via Buff Motion

Our talented clients Buff Motion from Brighton do some really great work. This project was a voiceover job for the Samaritans. They had chosen our voice over artist Martin Allanson for his warm and empathetic tone. Listening-in to get the delivery correct was crucial, so we used standard phone patches where Buff Motion and the Samaritans representatives could all listen in. It was a great session for a very worthy cause.

"We recently completed another successful remote recording with Voiceovers-UK - its become pretty standard practice for us now. On this occasion we had 5 people dialling in from 4 different locations.

We were able to hear each other and the artist brilliantly, which allowed us to provide feedback to the talent directly, just as if we were there in the room!

Its a great system, and means that were able to widen our search - not being limited by geography and therefore booking voices located all over the world. We also reduce costs by removing any travel expenses and the time spent travelling to attend a session. Our clients like the convenience of not having to leave their desk in order to be a part of the action and ultimately means were able to ensure they are happy as things get signed off in real time.

Overall its a really easy and very smooth process that I would recommend."

Chloe Flexman - Buff Motion

BBC Radio 4 Narration

The BBC commissioned us for a project with the historian Dan Snow -"Voices of the First World War" on Radio 4. Dan has family very near to us, so the BBC use our studios whenever he is in the vicinity. We recorded in our Voiceover Booth in Studio 2, the BBC producers linked in via ISDN and this was fed to Dan's headphones. The session took about 90 minutes and the communication worked like a dream. It's always good to hear our work broadcast on the radio and TV.

Moulinex CommercialVoiceover

Our excellent Catalan voiceover Ines had the job of re-voicing and updating an ad for Moulinex, which was originally in English. Ines was in our booth and the clients were in Madrid and Barcelona. We linked up via Source Connect for 2 hours and it was flawless. The Madrid studio fed the voiceover guide track to us, and the artist matched to that whilst watching the video. Ines had a mix of both studios in her headphones, so was in constant communication with them. The session was very successful and very enjoyable.

Intel Commercials Voiceover

We did a really interesting voiceover project for our friends at the I AM BOB agency: some Intel NUC commercials. We had 2 (rather brilliant) American voiceover artists in the booth working to picture, voicing some characters that appeared on screen as shadows. The client was due to attend but at the last minute his plans had to change so he couldn't travel up. It was crucial, however, that he and his colleague could direct live...Skype to the rescue! We set up a group Skype call and it worked excellently for the 2.5 hour session. The clients were in constant live communication with the engineer and artists, and it was a really focussed session that produced excellent results. It was also a lot of fun!