How much does a Voiceover cost?

The cost of a VO will depend on the following factors: Length of script, Number of voices required, the application ( Phone Prompts, TV commercial, Internal Corporate, Website Usage, IVR, Talking Book, Radio Commercial etc etc). The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact us with as much info as possible and we will provide a full quote for you.

How do we make sure that the voiceover is done in the style that we require?

This is a really important question! We totally encourage our clients to participate in the live session either in person, by Skype, ISDN or phone patch

Phone patch is simply a professional audio unit that lets you be patched into a live session in the studio by dialling in from a normal phone. This allows you to communicate with the artist and producer and ensures that you get the pace, tone and feel to the recording that you require.

Can we have a short demo of our script to aid with casting? Would this cost anything?

Yes, in most cases of English and US voices we can get a number of VOs to do a short demo of your script to help assess if they are the right voice. This is free!

What is the process of getting a VO done?

What normally happens is that we send a quote to you with voice samples (either showreels or the bespoke demos dealt with in Q3). Then, if the budget is ok we set up a session time with the artist and the client. We record the session, hopefully with you listening in, and then edit all the audio files to clean them up and level match them ( what we call "processing” ) and get them to you via FTP, YOUSENDIT, WETRANSFER or email if the files are small!

Can you supply music and SFX?

Yes, very much so. We have an extensive library of Sound Effects and Music.

Do you supply foreign voices?

Very much so – we have literally hundreds of foreign voices from all languages.

And Subtitling?

Again, very much so! We are a a major subtitle provider in the UK.