Services: We are Voiceover and Subtitling Specialists

Main Services We provide Voiceovers for all forms of media
  • Voiceover Casting and Production
  • In House State of the Art Studios
  • Foreign Voice Re-Versioning
  • Child Voice Overs
  • Subtitling
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Commercials
  • Corporate Productions
  • Audio Books
  • TV Narration
  • E-Learning
  • Phone Prompts + IVR
  • Video Dubbing
  • Podcasts
  • Website Audio
  • TV Indents and Spots
  • Foreign Re–versioning
  • Software Voice Over

And we provide subtitles for everything from a single 20 second Video to full 25 Episode series.

Communicate using Skype
Take Control of your session

At Voiceovers-Uk we really encourage our clients to be part of the live session. It's a really important factor in getting the desired result. Of course you are always welcome at the studio in person, but if you can’t make it then stay in control by managing the session in the following ways.

Skype - Skype in direct to our studios where you can sit in on the session and talk to the artist and the producer live.

Phone Patch - Just dial in from any telephone anywhere in the world and you can be patched into the live session- Giving you control!

Our long experience tells us that this is the best way to ensure you get the appropriate pace, tone and feel to your Voiceover.