Finding Your Voice Ė How to choose the right voiceover for your project.

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In many cases, a client will come to us with a very definite idea of the voice they want to use for their project. They will, for instance, say "We have a television advert which we want to use Polly Winder forĒ. In other instances, the client may not be so specific. They may come to us asking for a female voice in her 40s with a neutral accent, for example. In this case, we would send them a selection of voice samples from which they could choose the right voice for their read.

Our experience helps us provide voices that suit the read you want. We know, for example, which voices are good at very long consistent reads, which voices are versatile, and which voices are good at more "acted" reads.

Using the case of doing long consistent reads, we recently had a client who needed to do 45 Radio Ads spread across 2 sessions. We helped the client by casting the a voice who excels in consistent reads (Emma Thurston in this case).The whole job went remarkably well- on time and on budget.

But what happens if a client isnít sure what kind of voice they want? Not every client has a clear idea of what they need. Perhaps it is the first time they have produced an eLearning project, and they donít have enough experience to know what kind of voice will fit with their particular script.

This is something we are always more than happy to help with. Given our long experience in recording and producing voiceovers over the years we are able to match appropriate voices to whichever job a client might bring to us.

So donít be intimidated if you arenít sure of the kind of voice you need. We can look at your script, video, requirements or budget, and help you to decide who would be right for the job.

We are also happy to provide bespoke demos for jobs. Although we have a huge range of samples from our numerous voice artists, it is sometimes difficult for a client to judge whether or not a particular voice would work for them until they heard the artist reading their particular script. This is sometimes the best way to make that decision.

Bespoke demos are something that we provide free of charge, and we can usually have these for you within 24 hours of receiving the demo script (although this may take a little longer with overseas or foreign voices, as you will no doubt appreciate).

In summary, if you are new to the concept of finding for your projects, donít be intimidated or afraid to ask. We always endeavour to be helpful and flexible, and will do our best to accommodate your needs.


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