Choosing new voices at Voiceovers-UK

Posted in: by Stephen Buckley on 21 July 2017. Tagged with: Voiceovers

At Voiceovers-Uk we are always adding to our database of voiceovers. This means that we always have voices for you that aren't necessarily on the website yet. So the best way to get your perfect voiceover is to email us with your casting and budget requirements so we can look at this for you.

We know which voiceovers are good at corporate voiceover, long E-Learning voiceovers, Ads, phone prompts, IVR, and roles that require voice acting skills, such as cartoon voiceovers and animation voiceovers.

How do we choose new artists to add to our stable of voices ?

We get a lot of voicesubmissions. Every day we will get emails and calls. They sometimes start with "My friends tell me I have a great voice and I can do accents..." Whilst they may have a nice speaking voice, this is in no way enough to be a professional voice over. The majority don't get past the first hurdle.

We do always have an initial listen though. Do they have an immediate impact on us? Is it a professionally produced reel? How much care has been taken over the reel? What does the voice make us "feel"?

If they pass the initial test we put them into a folder, and each month we set aside about 4 hours for a "Potential Voices" meeting with the producers here.

We then painstakingly listen to the reels again in studio conditions, so that we can hear every nuance of the reading clearly. We pay particular attention to any flaws in delivery.

What else do we listen out for? Reading skills, texture, clarity, emotion, consistency, empathy, diction, inflection and most importantly, do they stand out in any area ?

We try to see where their strengths lie. This is crucial. One of our skills as casting people, is knowing which voices are great at which types of delivery.

We shy away from any demos that just have lots of one or two line pieces on, as we like to hear longer reads that demonstrate consistency. We also listen out to see how heavily edited a read has been. AtVoiceovers-UK we want to use voice over artists that can deliver properly, whether it is one line or 3,000 words. We also prefer to hear real commercial jobs on demos if at all possible.

Deciding on new voices takes us a considerable amount of time - but it's all worth it!

Thanks for reading and do get in touch with us about any voiceover requirements - big and small.