Our Prince's Trust Journey.

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In 1989 we applied to the Prince's Trust for help.

We feel very lucky to have been helped by the Prince's Trust back in 1989. It was then known as PYBT - The Prince's Youth Business Trust and our advisor was a lovely chap called Gerry Bennet. We were fortunate enough to get a low cost loan of £2000 and this helped us hugely in setting up our original studio. We went through a process of being assessed, and I remember feeling quite nervous when the time came to get the result. We were a start up business, and the main banks wouldn't touch us! Fortunately they approved the loan, and the journey began. We were also given a free one year RAC membership. That really came in handy!

Part of the deal was to produce Profit and Loss reports during the year, and this introduced us to the necessary evil of record keeping, even though our main interest was buying new microphones, mixers and reverb units!

We had no transport back in those days and part of loan went to buy our first van, allowing us to trundle around and record people. That van had quite a history, and was actually stolen twice. The first time it was "nicked" the police called me a few hours later to say it had been found on a local estate. I was SO relieved, as it had a multicore and other expensive gear still in it. They told me to leave the van where it was found until the morning, when the fingerprint people would come and do their thing . So I did...and when I went back in the morning, to my horror, I had left the van as I had found it: On a hill. With the handbrake off. Luckily the wheels were pointing in, otherwise it could have hurtled down Hala hill and caused mayhem. We still laugh/cringe about that!

The Prince's Trust gave us ongoing support for years, and I attended many workshops and events in the local area. We grew as a business until the time came to buy our own premises, the 18th Century church that houses Voiceovers-UK today. It was at this point in around 2002 that The Prince's Trust got back in touch to offer me the opportunity to be a Real Life Ambassador for The North West. I was absolutely thrilled, and went to St James Palace to meet Prince Charles on 2 occasions. I loved the role and enjoyed giving talks and lectures on our business journey from having a 4 track cassette based Tascam Portastudio, to owning and running one of the UK's Leading voice over production companies with 2 state of the art ISDN studios. We are so very grateful to the Prince's Trust for all their wonderful help, support and above all, their trust.

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