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Choosing new voices at Voiceovers-UK

At Voiceovers-Uk we are always adding to our database of voiceovers. This means that we always have voices for you that aren't necessarily on the website yet. So the best way to get your perfect voiceover is to email us with your casting and budget requirements so we can look at this for you. ...

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Posted in: by Stephen Buckley on 21 July 2017. Tagged with: Voiceovers

Finding Your Voice – How to choose the right voiceover for your project.

In many cases, a client will come to us with a very definite idea of the voice they want to use for their project. They will, for instance, say "We have a television advert which we want to use Polly Winder for”. In other instances, the client may not be so specific. They may come to us asking...

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Posted in: General by Stephen Buckley on 8 April 2016. Tagged with: Voiceovers 0

The importance of live direction in sessions

Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE We love our clients! At Voiceovers-UK we really encourage our cli...

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Posted in: General by Martin on 29 January 2014. Tagged with: Voiceovers 0

The Problem with Breathing

Voice artists, although usually an eccentric breed, have to breathe just like the rest of us! We work with hundreds of different artists at Voiceovers-Uk and I can honestly say that there is a wide variation in the level of their breaths that end up on the raw recording. Some artists are very loud...

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Posted in: General by Martin on 9 March 2012. Tagged with: Voiceovers 0