Jennifer Johnston

Categories: Female UK, RP, Scottish

The Voice of the almighty Apple Store phoneline and established as a Voiceover Artist for more than 10 years, Jennifer work's full time from the comfort of her home ISDN studio in London, lending her lovely Scottish tones and soft English tones to TV, Radio & In-Store Commercials, TV Promos, On Hold Messaging & IVR, Corporates, Documentaries and Internet Videos.

Born in Glasgow and raised in Lanarkshire, her Scottish accent is nice and neutral, but she can soften or thicken it, play it upbeat & funky, serious & sincere or warm & friendly, hard sell or soft sell, whatever your script requires. Likewise, if it’s an English accent you require, all of the above apply too. Her age range is teens to late 30’s and whether you need a straight read or a touch of character, she'll always be crisp & clear.