James Burrell

Categories: London + South East, Male UK, RP

James has an upbeat, friendly voice that is both approachable and believable. He can also be authoritative and corporate or, drawing on his experience as a radio presenter, natural and conversational.

James spent nearly 20 years developing his voice skills in the radio industry. During that time he became a five time Sony Award winner, presenting critically acclaimed programmes on some of the UK‘s largest regional and national radio stations, including Virgin and Capital Gold.

His programme was an often surreal concoction of character based sketches, which allowed him to experiment with different voice styles. After so many years, it was only natural that James entered the voiceover industry full-time.

Although a native of North London, with an accent to match, this does not prohibit James from adopting other accents, producing neutral or RP reads, or giving your advert a sense of fun with a character voice when required.

Not only have his talents been utilised worldwide, but James recently voiced a campaign for UK Digital which was broadcast on commercial radio stations across Britain.